This directory contains kernel patches for the Toshiba ACPI Extras driver.

Note that the driver is already included in modern 2.6 and 2.4 kernels.
The patches here are mostly for historical reference, although there may
be some experimental patches posted on occasion.

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[DIR] Parent Directory - [TXT] toshiba_acpi-dev_toshiba_test5-linux_2.6.29.patch 23-May-2009 08:43 6.0K [TXT] toshiba_acpi-dev_toshiba_test5-linux_2.6.26.patch 01-Sep-2008 09:54 6.0K [TXT] toshiba_acpi-dev_toshiba_test5-linux_2.6.21.patch 20-May-2007 17:50 5.8K [TXT] toshiba_acpi-dev_toshiba_test5-linux_2.6.17.patch 22-Jun-2006 22:07 5.8K [TXT] toshiba_acpi_0.18-dev_toshiba_test4.patch 15-Apr-2004 13:46 5.6K [TXT] HEADER.txt 05-Mar-2004 12:41 271 [   ] CHANGES 05-Mar-2004 12:39 1.4K [TXT] toshiba_acpi_0.17-dev_toshiba_test3.patch 05-Mar-2004 12:37 5.8K [TXT] toshiba_acpi_0.17-dev_toshiba_test2.patch 24-Feb-2004 13:39 5.8K [TXT] toshiba_acpi_0.17-dev_toshiba_test1.patch 22-Feb-2004 10:48 6.9K [TXT] toshiba_acpi_0.13-linux_2.4.19-acpi_20020821.patch 09-Sep-2002 10:07 18K [TXT] toshiba_acpi_0.13-linux_2.5.26.patch 24-Aug-2002 05:34 7.3K [TXT] toshiba_acpi_0.13-linux_2.4.18.patch 24-Aug-2002 05:34 18K [TXT] toshiba_acpi_0.12-linux_2.5.25.patch 21-Jul-2002 23:33 15K [TXT] toshiba_acpi_0.12-linux_2.5.24.patch 05-Jul-2002 12:03 14K [TXT] toshiba_acpi_0.12-linux_2.4.18.patch 05-Jul-2002 12:03 15K [TXT] toshiba_acpi_0.11-linux_2.4.17.diff 08-Mar-2002 11:39 13K [   ] COPYING 28-Jan-2002 11:41 18K [TXT] toshiba_acpi_0.10-linux_2.4.17.diff 28-Jan-2002 11:16 9.2K
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