First things first, don't complain about the "roll cage" I know it is junk, but it was only intended to help stiffen the frame, all Broncos crack up just behide the door and I dont want to tear the entire body apart. Second, Yes it should have a roll cage.. But those pipes would help if I flopped this rig. I am not generally in places where I could roll multiple times necessitating the time and money involved in putting together a full cage.

This truck has been pretty good to me over the past few years, and you have gotta love a truck where a little missing paint or wrinkled sheet metal is no big deal! I am getting worried about missing sheet metal though.

If you are wondering about the rear bumper, the stock one finally got busted after pulling out too many stuck trucks one afternoon. As for a new one, it's on the list maybe in time for Sporty's this spring.


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