-Thought I would put up some pictures of my bigger machines- the poor things are crammed in the garage where space and rust are killing them- a dedicatied workshop is in the works, but it will be years before it becomes a reality. So when you look at the pictures think "Island of Misfit Toys" they are pretty much castaways but they do work and they were in my budget (barely..). Please let me know(zcarrico(at)memebeam.org ) if you have any info on any of these machines as I know very little about their history.


Click on an image to view larger.(clicking twice will just open the small image agian)

This is the newest, lowest quality, smallest metal working machine I have- of course it may also be the most practical.... The mill is a 1980 Jet vertical mill I would like to get a larger mill, but it is good enough for now.

My Cincinnati No.2 Horizontal Milling machine made some time after 1896 according to the patent information on the tool storage door. the machine is ment to be run off a line drive, but had brackets for an electric motor when I got it. The machine came from a leather mill in central NY. Unfortnately the automatic feed driveshaft got messed up by me lowering the table and hitting some tooling on the right side tool storage rack otherwise it is a good working machine.

This is a Superior Machine Co. 20 " swing lathe with a 60" bed made in Kokomo, Indiana. from information I can find this machine is from early 20th century maybe 1920-ish? The machine is made to be line driven , but has a 1750 RPM motor, and a transmission for gear reduction.

193(?) Royersford? Don't know much about this camelback 21"drill press but it is a real workhorse I payed the princely sum of 10$ for this machine. Yes, that is a seatbelt being used as the drive belt, the idea came to me in a dream -right price and it works great! (Update on the seatbelt, after several years of service the stitching holding the belts together came apart, it is now attached using belt lacing and going strong.)