My 1978 High pinion Dana 60 was a steal at 200$ when it came from the junk yard. I have ran the axle in another truck prior to this Bronco, but after 30+ years it could use a rebuild and is getting slightly lower 4.10 gears. I would like to go lower but will wait until I can afford both axles and a front locker.


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Generally you need a clamp to hold the the tool in place, the pinion nut is torqued to 135 ft-lbs ..but the tool will stay put if you are just checking backlash. My quick yoke holder made from 5/16" plate and some 1-1/2" channel
The old pinion bearing baffle after driving out the old race my "master" install kit did not have a new one of these - so much for master..

The Folgers solution:

Not quite the same but I suspect it will work just as well and the price was right!

You can rebuild a D60 without a case spreader, but I sure wouldn't want to do it.

This is a homade spreader made from scraps around the shop and it works great. (go thick on everything it takes a lot of pressure:)

High steer arms, note that one part will be welded to the knuckle the other half then mates into the first, this should remove all twisting force from the four mounting bolts, they will now only serve to clamp the arm in place.