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I decided that the spokes had better be labeled before comming out. all the spokes also got a good coating of Watco Teak oil. partly because the can was laying around partly because it soaks in hardens, protects from UV & doesn't change the look much

The compressed area is quite evident. I have heard of many solutions to the problem but this seemed to be simple & permanent, but not irreversable.

My first inclination was a wedge, then water to swell everything, apparently Antifreeze is better though because it doesn't evaporate, allowing the wood to shink back.

Strip of sheet metal before and after forming.

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Nothing high tech here, a piece of round stock served to form the metal, a hammer tightend up the beginning and end of the loop and a block of wood to hammer against to prevent damage to the spokes

  finished ready to be reinstalled
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Doodlebug at the annual Greenfield Car show. The judges didn't know how to judge the bug, it flunked about every measure they had, but drew a pretty good crowd all day!