My father-in-law says It's just a doodlebug just run it, but I can't really justify destoying the rest of the engine and transmission(s) just because of a few 90 year old bearings need some help.

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Little work with the die grinder on a piece of precision ground rod to make a new cluster gear shaft.

Precision grinding at it's finest! Not really, it's just all I have.

I did find out that the bearings on the grinder are pretty sloppy, should have just turned the shaft, ended up cleaning up with a file.


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Ouch! sorry I didn't get a decent picture of the model T 4th main before I chucked it up but I wasn't about to dial it in a second time.

Notice how not just the babbitt is gone but the surrounding metal too!? Wow.


I out with the old..

I did have to guess on what I should zero to a little, but I figured running my indicator on the inner machining marks would be as close as I could get. this is a Model T after all


All round again
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Time to make a new place to put a bushing I found an off the shelf bushing with a 1-13/16" OD and 1-9/16" ID to fit the T output shaft (which faired remakably well!) Interference shrink fitting -grill style All done -just waiting on a bushing. You think it's going to work?