I picked up this Bronco after driving past it for about a year. The rear spring shackles had rusted and broken, resulting in the rear springs breaking loose and going though the rear floor boards. The truck looked pretty sad, but seemed like a good platform to build off. I have made as many parts as possible bolt on, so if/when the body or frame gives out I can just pick up another Bronco and swap most of the parts.

Many of the brackets I have milled, filed, bent, bored, sawn and welded one piece at a time, it is labor intensive but will hopefully pay off with money saved and quality(?). Even making many of the parts myself, there are just some brackets and tabs which can be bought cheaper than I can make (like $2 tabs, they are just a pain to make and I have no good way of radiusing them). Despite doing much of the work myself and buying as much of the steel at a surplus dealer as possible, I still probably have close to $4000 into this truck and I still have a large list of items that will be needed (break lines, drive shaft parts, etc..) and a bigger list of wants (coilovers for the rear, front locker, dual t-cases, lower gears, etc).


Ford HP Dana 60 tools/rebuild

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