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Anthony Carrico
Located in the Burlington, Vermont region.
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I am an electrical engineer with a focus on programming digital systems.

1994-01 M.S. Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC).
1992-01 B.S. Electrical Engineering, UIUC.
Awards / Exhibition
2013 [MoMa Logo]Vib-Ribbon acquired for MoMA's collection, and installed in the Applied Design exhibition (2013-03 to 2014-01).
1993-04 D.L. Bitzer/H.G. Slottow Award for outstanding creativity and innovation in electrical and computer engineering.
1993-02 University of Illinois Engineering Open House, second place for graduate research.
1992-01 Edmund J. James Scholar honors graduate, College of Engineering, UIUC.
Electronic Gift Economies, Inc.
2003President and Chairman. EGE is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization supporting nonproprietary creative works. It was founded to host the Giftfile Project.
Giftfile Project.
2003Developed a method for publishers to certify nonproprietary works using XML-Signature with OpenPGP authentication and RELAX NG validation.
Scheme Untergrund Library.
2003 Developer and project administrator. The project hosts contributed libraries for the Scheme 48 and the Scsh programming languages.
Scheme Request for Implementation
2002-08 Contributed SRFI 37: args-fold: a program argument processor.
Professional Work
Self Employed, Sunderland, Massachusetts.
2000-01 to 2002-09 [moji] Playstation 2 development. Game, rap synthesis, and rap sequencer programming for NanaOn-Sha's Mojib-Ribbon video game. Previewed during Masaya Matsuura's talk at the 2003 Experimental Gameplay Workshop. Japan release 2003-11.[rap seq]
1998-01 to 1999-12 [DISK] Collaborated with the team at NanaOn-Sha to create Vib-Ribbon, a music oriented video game for the PlayStation. Developed the game's audio analysis system. This game was released in Japan 1999-12 and in Europe 2000-08.
United States patent 20010037181.
Japanese patent 11-293057.
Audio processing and image generating apparatus, etc. Masaya Matsuura, John Belmonte, Anthony Carrico.
Note: It is my opinion that algorithms should not be patentable, and that industry would be better off if no right to exclude competition were granted.
1998-10 to 1999-02 [BOX] Developed a prototype of a sound-action game for NanaOn-Sha. A game based on this prototype, called Rhyme Rider Kerorican (Bandai link), was released as one of the first games for Bandai's WonderSwan Color in Japan 2000-12.
1995-10 to 1998-09 Blackboard Technology Group (BBTech), Amherst, Massachusetts.
Designed a system for object transport between Common Lisp and Java, including the emulation of many aspects of the Common Lisp run time environment and evaluator in Java.
Designed and implemented the Common Lisp communication product NetEval for object transport and remote evaluation between Common Lisp images.
Redesigned the connection, communication and remote evaluation protocols for the TCP based product NetGBB, the distributed version of BBTech's Generic Blackboard System.
Designed and implemented a continuation based multitasking system in Common Lisp to enable support for NetGBB on the Windows platform.
Designed and implemented a UDP based messaging system with servers in Common Lisp and clients in Common Lisp and C.
Designed and implemented a persistent object store for Common Lisp Object System.
Targeted software to several platforms on Unix, Linux, Windows and Macintosh operating systems, and maintained a heterogeneous TCP/IP network.
Note: in 1998 Blackboard Technology Group completed a merger with Knowledge Technologies International, and I worked for KTI part of 1998.
1994-02 to 1995-05 Neural Pattern Analysis Group, Beckman Institute, UIUC.
Developed a system to present auditory stimuli and analyze neural response during interactive experiments for Dr. Albert Feng.
Implemented software to collect, analyze, present and log neural data while synthesizing audio signals using C, C++ and CA-Realizer.
Student Work
1991-08 to 1993-12Advanced Digital Systems Laboratory, UIUC.
Conceived, designed, and constructed a pipelined sound synthesis system for exploring real-time music synthesis with Dr. Ricardo Uribe advising. Composer Michael Hamman used the system for a family of compositions.
Designed and built a PC based bus card using programmable and bitslice logic for the synthesizer and a digital signal processor for control.
Wrote a synthesis library in C and assembly language for the digital signal processor and support utilities in C for the host system.
Designed and built a digital audio converter with digital and analog inputs and outputs.
1993-05 to 1993-12Microcomputer Laboratory, UIUC.
Intensive course development for Dr. Pen Chung Yew.
Collaborated on PLD based SCSI CDROM controller and FPGA based LCD controller designs.
Wrote laboratory assignments that provide Xilinx FPGA and serial communications experience.
Lectured on interfacing digital and analog circuits to microprocessors and ran laboratory sessions as head teaching assistant.
1993-05 to 1993-08Digital Systems Laboratory, UIUC.
Ran laboratory on basic digital logic and state machines as teaching assistant.
1991-05 to 1993-05Flat Panel Display Group, Engineering Research Laboratory, UIUC.
Designed hardware and software for a Macintosh based bus card to automate plasma display experiments with high voltage waveforms as research assistant to Dr. Kevin Warren.
Used Xilinx FPGAs to perform signal generation from video RAM and programmed software in LabView and C to control the system.
1989-06 to 1989-08General Electric, Fort Edward, New York.
Designed and built test equipment for ground station communication fiber optics.
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