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NoNameWiki is a humble fork of UseModWiki [1]. It has fewer and better features.

Public sites running NoNameWiki:


Quick Start

1. copy and to your cgi directory
2. create an empty directory somewhere for the database. It must be writable by the http server.
3. copy config into the database directory. Don't worry about altering the defaults yet.
4. edit and change the database path to point to your new directory
5. fire up your web browser and go to
6. edit your wiki home page to say "hello world"

AnthonyCarrico: In addition to the quick start steps, I needed to create a subdirectory called "temp" in the database directory for the edit lockfile.

How to configure pretty URL's

Here is an example that uses Apache's URL rewriting to place the wiki contents at http://DOMAIN/wiki/. The .htaccess file in the top level htdocs directory would contain:

RewriteEngine on

# wiki remap
# This lets us access the wiki with a shorter URI, and also insulates
# it from implementation details (.pl file, etc).

RewriteRule  ^wiki/(.*)$  /cgi-bin/$1
RewriteRule  ^wiki$  /wiki/  [R]

However, that is not enough, as the wiki needs to use the pretty URL when it references itself. NoNameWiki has the $BrowseUrl option for this, which in this case would be:

$BrowseUrl   = "/wiki/";

How to add a file manager

Often you'd like wiki users to be able to add files, such as images and code snippets. NoNameWiki doesn't include a file manager, but it's relatively easy to bolt one on. Drall [2] is a file manager that works well.

After setting up the file manager on your web server, you'll then need to make a way to access the file manager from wiki edit pages. In NoNameWiki's config file:

$UserEditBar = '<a href="/cgi-bin/" target="_blank">file manager</a>';

This will add a "file manager" link at the bottom of edit pages, which will open up the file manager in another window.

Next you should set up a clean way to link to files from the wiki content. In the NoNameWiki database root directory (same place as the config file), create the file intermap having this line:

Files /files/

This is assuming that /files/ is the absolute URL to the web directory where your file manager puts its files. Now you can reference files with the wiki markup like Files:foo/bar, which maps to the URL /files/foo/bar. This lets you later change the location of the files on your web server without having to adjust all the wiki content.

Don't forget to secure your files directory by not allowing web server scripts to be run, etc. Also, remind your wiki users that the files are just as susceptible to malicious modifications as are wiki pages. They should not download binary executables and run them on their machine, etc.

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